Plasma for People

Miroslav Mašata

CEO, founder

  • Represented 20 Czech and Slovak manufacturers in the healthcare sector in the Middle East and Africa
  • Participated in the preparation of feasibility studies for the construction of hospitals in the region
  • Mirek is the main holder of all know-how and majority shareholder of the technology for the production of blood plasma substitute

Pavel Kubů, MD

Chief Medical Officer

  • Leading expert on the use of cannabis products in medical practice
  • Advisor to the National Drug Coordinator for Digitalisation
  • Pavel is responsible for the clinical side of this project

Milan Matějů

Business Development

  • He has been representing Czech companies in Africa for more than 10 years. For the last 5 years he has been specialising in the field of medical devices sales
  • He has experience in opening new markets and has a network of contacts with distributors
  • Milan is responsible for the business side of the project and raising investment funds

Pierre Debs, Ph.D.


  • He has more than 20 years of research experience in stem cell biology, genetic engineering, somatic cell reprogramming and endocannabinoid system
  • He has introduced and implemented the use of medical cannabis into the German medical system
  • Pierre is our main advisor for medical cannabis products and R&D

Associate Professor Irena Šlamborová, Ph.D.

Patent author

  • Author of a patent for a blood plasma substitute
  • Leading expert on research into the use of nanomaterials in medical practice
  • Irena is responsible for leading the research work in the development of our project

Associate Professor Tomáš Vontor, PharmD, Eng., CSc.

Expert guarantor

  • He was engaged in research and development of new drugs including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • He has worked for a number of pharmaceutical companies in the Czech Republic, USA, Italy and Slovakia
  • He is an expert guarantor of the project

"Edestin as an organic substitute for blood albumin opens up a wealth of possibilities in therapeutic applications."