Project phases

current state of development

We're in the preclinical phase of the project.

Throughout the project we use:

  • Ontosight AI analysis for continuous optimization of product and clinical trial development
  • Contract Research Organization for oversight of clinical trials with regulators
We have a patented technology for the production of a blood plasma substitute based on Edestin dissolved in saline solution administered intravenously to patients.

What have we accomplished?

We own the patent and all intellectual property for the manufacture and use of Edestin as a blood plasma substitute

We continue the research of Czech scientists, which dates back to the 1950s. The patent was granted in 2008.

We have a history of successful animal testing (including primate)

Animal tests have confirmed Edestin’s unique safety profile and its high compatibility with the internal environment of mammals.

We have analysed the available data on Edestin properties using AI Ontosight

We analysed over 92,000 scientific publications using artificial intelligence. We know the properties of Edestin very precisely.

We have a Proof of Concept production ready

We have thought out the technology in detail and we also think about nature. We do without toxic substances and the production meets the requirements of the circular economy.

We produce a dietary supplement with Edestin approved for oral dosing Bloody Vital

It is especially appreciated by those who have increased needs for regeneration, recovery and immunity, especially athletes or seniors.